nachtaktiv is a planning office which offers professional lighting design, independently of suppliers.  

The requirements and needs of people form the basis for a language of light that is characterised by a high functional and aesthetic standard. With a knowledge of architecture and a broad experience of light, perceptions and experiences are created that enrich architecture. Rooms are made readable with light and are given an appropriate self-evidence.  

nachtaktiv offers lighting design from consulting for adequate lighting solutions to complete lighting planning with comprehensive project support.

All areas of lighting design are covered:  

interior and exterior space


City lighting concepts

Lighting Installations

Custom-made luminaire design

individual concepts

individual concepts

careful planning

careful planning

comprehensive construction supervision

comprehensive construction supervision

some words about the name 'nachtaktiv'

nachtaktiv stands for poetry and creativity. Because for the optimal light, it takes much more than just a sober calculation. Rather, emotions, perception, feeling and sense of space play an important role for good lighting in order to fill people with well-being.

Originally, humans were guided by the natural day and night cycle, the circadian rhythm. During the day, people received sufficient vital sunlight. The night was mostly creepy. Sometimes the night was full of poetry when nocturnal fireflies or auroras delighted him. Later, the desire to have light into the night developed. With the development of architecture, however, there was also a need to have artificial lighting during the day. And finally, the lighting developed into a design element for a staged atmosphere.

In recent times, people have tried to reconcile their lighting needs with the body and nature. A good natural light during the day and a pleasant warm light in the evening hours, but also sufficient darkness for regeneration at night form a basis that is beneficial to human health.

Animals have different behavior patterns, which are characterized by light and darkness. Nocturnal animals in particular react sensitively to light emissions from artificial lighting.

nachtaktiv works intensively to create attractive city lighting in which people feel good in the evening, as well as to ensure dark periods in which the night can be experienced as such.

Reto Marty

The nights teach a lot that the days never know.

Persian saying
Firefly . The animal of the year 2019 . Foto: Digital Photo Blog

Firefly . The animal of the year 2019 . Foto: Digital Photo Blog